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Level luffing crane

Depending on customer requirements, level luffing cranes are available as static or mobile rail-mounted installations, with rigid jibs, or as a single or double link luffing rotary cranes.

Level luffing cranes can be configured for operations with cargo , containers or buckets.

Bülstringen, Baro Lagerhaus (D)

1 travelling slewing crane11,0/18,0t x 8-34m
customer: Baro Lagerhaus Bülstringen
Hauptstraße 100
D-39345 Bülstringen

commissioning: 2009
handling bulk goods with four rope grab
fabr. no. 4030

Mannheim, Großkraftwerk (D)

1 level luffing crane 18,0t x 40/11m; 10t x 16m
customer: Großkraftwerk Mannheim
GKM Mannheim
Marguerre Str. 1
D-68199 Mannheim

commissioning: 1999
handling of coal with rope grab
fabr. no. 022

Münster, Pebüso (D)

1 level luffing crane 8,0t x 13,6m
customer: Pebüso Münster
Am Hawerkamp 29
D-48155 Münster

commissioning: 2003
handling of sand with four rope grab
fabr. no. 1638

Rendsburg, Kreishafen (D)

1 travelling slewing crane
13/25/45t x 27/20/13/8m
customer: Kreishafen Rendsburg
Am Kreishafen 4
D-24768 Rendsburg

commissioning: 2011
handling e.g. of bulk goods, container  
fabr. no. 5376

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