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The latest crane technology from Mannheim for the most powerful terminal on the river Rhine

In September 2008 KW Kranwerke AG Mannheim secured the order for the delivery, assembly and commissioning of a gantry crane for the container and general cargo handling company, GVQ Ingelheimer Aue.    

Together with 3 modernized cranes, moved from the old Frankenbach location at the customs and inland port Mainz, the crane is used to load and unload ships, trucks and railway wagons. A usable water-side radius of 28.5 m makes it possible to unload 2 container ships anchored side by side; the usable land-side radius is 22.5 m and handles 2 train tracks, 2 truck lanes and 2 container rows.  The span width is 37 m. A usable lifting height of 1 over 5 containers means that the container footprint can be put to optimum use.  With the telescopic spreader the transport of 20‘- 45‘ISO and high-cube containers as well as the simultaneous operation of two 20‘ empty containers is possible.

The crane has been designed using the tried-and-tested single girder construction – the other 3 cranes that were built in Mannheim in 1984, 1991 and 1997 are of the same design – where a totally consistent load distribution across the wheels is ensured by way of a hinge support inside the pendulum prop.

All drives are are continuously variable and enable current regeneration during service braking and are controlled via a failsafe PLC control. This means apart from crane and crane runway, the environment as well is protected.

Redundant converter systems ensure high availability.

Incorporated in the crane is a semi-automatic drive to set container spaces. To this end a radio wave distance measuring device has been implemented: Fibre-optic cables in the mains supply enable the crane being integrated retrospectively into a terminal management software solution.

Another order from the Frankenbach Container Terminals GmbH Mainz awarded to KW Kranwerke AG Mannheim consists of the conversion, assembly and commissioning of a 2-carrier container gantry crane with cable bracing that already exists at the Frankenbach firm.

This crane has been modified to suit the requirements of rail freight handling at the new terminal by increasing the tracks from 22 to 24.5m, extending the land-side cantilever and the usable water-side trolley route, and by extending the supports to move 1 over 3 containers.  Equipped with new components, new electrics and new controls, the crane now boasts state-of-the-art technology.

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